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About me: I’m a 5’10” ginger man who sometimes has a goatee and is often mistaken on the street for Captain Handsome himself. Do the people cower before my face as Frodo did when gazing upon Galadriel? Probably. Is there a deeper meaning to this comic that MS Paint fails to illustrate? Perhaps. I’m Aidan Rich and I am the greatest of all living artists and also I’m better than all the dead artists too. I started this comic a few years ago and update it in a truly sporadic fashion unbefitting of the greatest of all artists (me).

I recently had to switch from MS Paint to Photoshop which was a real bummer but Apple seems totally disinterested in making a good art program comparable to the One True King. Did I consider hacking my Mac so that I could run windows with the sole purpose of using MS Paint? Maaaaaybe. So here we are. Just goes to show ya’. There’s a hard way and there’s an easy way and Aidan Rich usually goes his own way which is harder than allll the other ways anyone else would bother with.