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Aidan Rich

I draw on MS Paint with skills

I've been at PAFA for a while. That's the pencil-vania academy of the fine arts. I'm done working there but I left with a portfolio of great stuff I made while I was super duper bored. I chisseled these bitmaps into existence with Microsoft Paint. Its that silly drawing app that comes on every Windows computer. I love it. Below in a disorderly jumble I have gathered them for your enjoyment or scorn.

Comic coming yesterday

Also thanks dad for helping me with your computer skills

Original caption for painting below: "The world is ending and even though Bert pretends he don't care, it truly breaks his heart"

Below: Birthday painting for my sister, Clara.

Below: Commemorating the end of my time in Portfolio, the museum's gift store.

Below: This alien cowboy was one of the first

Below: This cave one is pretty poorly drawn, but it has a warm spot in the empty cavity where my heart should be.

I like the moon and clouds in the painting below

Below: Old Jack Lantern was a character invented during a camping trip

Below: This was the third one I ever did, and its suprisingly complex!

Below: original caption: "Mondays, am I right?"

Below: a monster called the "all seeing eye" who is the mascot for the band, "The Extraordinaires".

Below: perhaps the scariest?

Below: Rex Reaper

Below: This one also has great clouds. Plus check out the little mountains in the background!

Below: Valentine's Day thing for my sister.

Below: Christmas present for my cousin, Maeve. Obama sits on the 'Iron Throne' from Game of Thrones.

Below: it's always the little things that are the most fun to draw, like the shine on the bottle below.

This is the last one!

Aidan Rich is the king of Microsoft Paint. All images are property of Aidan Rich.